October 6th 2018.

It marks the culmination of several months’ work by our 2018 participant writers. One month subsequent to our week-long workshop in May 2018, our participants delivered the revised outline for their pilot. Via email, our Big Stories tutors gave notes on those outlines and our writers set about writing their pilot screenplays. During this process, they consulted with their fellow writers’ room members via email and in person. On September 7th, our participants will deliver their finished pilot screenplay. Our tutors will read and give notes on those delivered projects. In addition, our participants themselves, in a spirit of creative collaboration, read and responded to each other’s screenplays. These final notes are incorporated into the participants’ project pitch, which will be delivered at this final session on October 6th 2018.

After pitching their projects one-on-one, the writers and producers will join a round-table discussion on the politics and opportunities of pitching original long-form drama. The producers offer feedback on the work they have just heard. In addition, they provide insight into the experience of being pitched, as well as their experience of pitching to financiers. The day ends with a few well-earned glasses of wine.